Tournament program


This program is  thought and design, from the experience of years involved in high performance with players in competitive levels.

Many of them with ATP tour players and some best juniors during these years including N.º 1 from ITF Juniors ranking, this experience preparing players is in every action we take with the player.

During period of stay we will set a plan and a path to achieve sports goals in all areas, technic, tactic, physical and mental, with the final gold to make the player more solid.

We consider the players come with 2-4 year experience and practice in competitive level and is able to take around 5-6 hours practice daily 3−5 times a week.

Will be welcome players from 10 years, all levels tennis, male and female.

During all year throught the different competitions in Barcelona

Also avaible Full time year around.

in this program is for players who are coming to Barcelona to compete and are looking for a place to prepare, we provide preparation and coach during tournaments

You own coach in wellcome

We are a full competitive group manage by Marc Canovas & Gonzalo Lñopez in tennis area and Dani Ortigosa in fitness, we are limited, we only handle to 12  players in team with the double objective to give maximum quality and attention to practice and be ourself on court with them.

Our ratio is 1 coach 2 players, also find time during sessions to work individualize with player, we don’t guarantee individual amount of time.

Gonzalo and Marc are personally present in the development of the program in tennis side,  along with Dani Ortigosa in fitness area, we think is very important to have presence, not only, in the daily work on court, but also, managing all technical aspect in the daily work,  our place is closest to personal practice inside a structure due to our group don’t take more than 12 players, you will work with us in regular basis, this coaches are beside you daily.

The team is form by our head coach: Fernando Boldó and Anthony Marshall as 2on coach, both of them with high experience in this profile of players.

Coach in all maches.

Within a radius of 600 km we have during the year 24-28 Futures Mens, 12-15 ITF Women’s, 4 ITF Under 18, 4 ETA U16, U14 4 ETA 3 ETA under 12 and a wide network of local tournaments throughout the year allowing all levels to keep achiving tennis goals.

Although player may choose any time of year to join this program we have Special dates are where we have international tournaments in Barcelona, this date are perfect occasion to prepare with us and have a coach in tournaments ( number of tournaments may change due to change calendar every year), outside this dates preparation and traveling coach also provide according to schedule. Schedule may viey depending calendar updates

ITF Futures mens:

  • January:practice and 2-3 futures
  • May: practice and 2-3 Futures
  • September: practice and 2-3 Futures

ITF Futures Women:

  • January:practice and 2-3 futures
  • April/may: practice and 2-5 Futures
  • September: practice and 2-3 Futures

ITF Juniors:

  • February/march:practice and 2-4 ITF Juniors
  • September: practice and 2-3 ITF Juniors

ETA Under 16:

  • April/May: practice and 1-3 ETA Under 16
  • September/October: practice and 1-3 ETA Under 16

ETA Under 14:

  • May: practice and 1-3 ETA Under 14
  • September/October: practice and 1-3 ETA Under 14

ETA Under 12:

  • May: practice and 1-2 ETA Under 12
  • September/October: practice and 1-2 ETA Under 12

Our methodology is base in the principal of solidness, this is the problem Nº1 in players today, lack of solidness with a very high number of unforce errors.

In order to achieve this goal, our method trains since the point of view of the game, where tactic is the main element and technic is a tool to develop the game and not an end by itself.

Understand the game with its situations and know how to play them and have a coordinated technic in all its principals is the base of our practice.

All together with the increase of physical skill and a good mind will make the player solid and more competitive.

Blocks of program

Schedule of blocks will be up depending Arrival and tournament schedule. Weeks of competition will be coordinate with the preparation ones.

Pre-competition training Competition weeks

Included in the program:

  • 16/18 hours of tennis on court weekly.
  • 8/10 hours fitness condition weekly.
  • Local tournaments monitoring matches.
  • 10 weeks traveling of coach in tournament.
  • Private time with player during week.
  • Pick up and drop of airport Barcelona.

Not included:

  • Stringer (Pro-shop in club)
  • Physio if needed.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Accommodation and meals.


  • Possibility to manage by us, we help you to find the best place that fits to you.
  • Families (we regularly work with families, used to have players in their homes).

Accommodation close to place, walking distance.

Practice daily schedule


8:00 – 10:00 Tennis on court

10:15 – 12:00 Fitness.

14:00 – 16:00 Evening sessions dedicated to practice maches, especifical technical work, prevent, and to decide depending situation of player (injuryes, competition maches, rest, etc…)


8:00 – 9:30 Tennis  / Rest