training program 2020 / 21

We work with a maximum of 12 players 

  No matter which program you choose and because we are exclusive you will find personal attention, we believe that working with a small number of players is the best way to develop them.

  Pro tennis coaching BCN is a full competitive group manage by Marc Canovas & Gonzalo López in tennis area and Dani Ortigosa in fitness, we are limited, we only handle to 12  players in the team with the double objective to give maximum quality and attention to practice and be ourself on the court with them.

  Our ratio is 1 coach 2 players, also find time during sessions to work individually with players, we don’t guarantee an individual amount of time but is our commitment and we do it in regular basis.  Gonzalo and Marc are personally present in the development of the program in tennis side in daily work on the court,  along with Dani Ortigosa in fitness

Our programs 2020 – 21

  All programs are thought and design, from the experience of years involved in high performance with players at competitive levels. We offer training programs for all ages and levels. For one week, a full-time player to private and personal coaching we will set a plan to improve your game in all areas.

  We work with a strategic plan divided into blocks of training, the depending situation of the player, and objectives to achieve, all of them are personalized to your needs, also Marc and Gonzalo are involved personally in all programs and on the court with you in your daily work.  This is what makes us unique, the fact that we are.

This is what makes us unique, the fact that we are on the court with you and this is why we don’t take more than 12 players at the same time, is ordered to keep the attention and quality practice that today´s players.

programs 2020 / 21


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